Specialized Fasteners & Fastening Systems

Fastener and Allied’s passion for the manufacture of specialized  fasteners, fastening systems and related products combined with many years of manufacturing experience in our industry, along with the well acclaimed ISO 9001 Quality System, has also earned us the reputation for the preferred supplier to leading manufacturers of mineral processing equipment.

About Fastener & Allied

Fastener & Allied was originally formed way back in 1971 as a general engineering business, manufacturing non-standard fasteners, machining, fabrication, open and closed die forging, hot formed products and related industries.

In 1993 a decision was taken to refocus the business and concentrate on the manufacturing of even more specialised fasteners and  fastening systems, along with the then known products.

Over the last few years turn-over has exceeded 280% growth. In 1999 we achieved our ISO 9002-1994 Quality Systems listing and have  recently converted to the required ISO 9001-2008 Quality System in order to meet the industries demand for such quality specifications.

This moved us forward to one of the leading suppliers in our current ever expanding industry demands; on the supply of varied specialised products.

Our Vision & Mission


Fastener and Allied’s management is committed to the continuous focus on maintenance of our quality control, adapting to latest production  methods, plant upgrading, personnel training and service delivery. The obsession to improve has and will give us the capability to seize  quality customers and ensure at all times that a product of exceptional quality is produced.


Fastener and Allied’s management is committed to be the leading supplier of specialized Fasteners and related products to the different  industries, mineral processing plants and manufacturers. We committed ourselves to continually supply products of superior quality and ensure excellence before and after sales serves as leaders in the marketplace.

Transformation has become the driver for organisational sustainability throughout the world. The principal purpose of transformation is to bring about change and equity. Transformation is therefore an evolution – a process – and not a once-off event to us. Fastener and Allied  believe in and supporting Black Empowerment as part of our vision.

As part of our vision it is our dedicated desire for plant manufactures to educate their clients to focus on the critical component fasteners,  and to ensure that all replacement fasteners and related products meet the required specification standard set by the manufacturers  design departments to avoid costly downtime and promote safety.

Our Clients Policy

We are dedicated to be the sole supplier of Critical Fasteners in all the relevant industries. Establishing a relationship where we are to be the  first choice and develop sustainable relationships with all our clients. The livelihood of our business and our determination to succeed shall  be guided by values such as: Honesty, Integrity, Ambition, Self Respect and Care for Humans and the Environment.


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