Fastener Manufacturing & Other

Fastener & Allied’s passion for manufacturing specialized fasteners, fastening systems and related products combined with many years of fastener manufacturing experience in our industry, along with the well acclaimed ISO 9001 Quality System, has also earned us the reputation for the preferred supplier to leading manufacturers of mineral processing equipment.

To further enhance our quality, all suppliers to Fastener and Allied are themselves reputable organisations who have been audited by our quality department in accordance with the ISO 9001 requirements. It is also to be noted here that we make use of the latest and most  enhanced production systems for exceptional quality during fastener manufacturing.

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The main reason for this section is to point out to you our clients how diversify, dynamic, adaptable and flexible we are in the variety of products we supply. We believe we can supply in all your needs and if we don’t currently have your product we dynamically can supply it within reasonable time with the same.quality; as all our other product currently on book.


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